Creating Custom Widget for QListWidget in Qt 6

Some Basics

What is Qt?

Qt License Restriction

What are Signals and Slots?

Why Qt?

Project Structure

├── CMakeLists.txt
├── customwidget.cpp
├── customwidget.h
├── customwidget.ui
├── main.cpp
├── mainwindow.cpp
├── mainwindow.h
└── mainwindow.ui

Main Windows



Main window with empty QListWidget.
Main window with empty QListWidget.

Custom Widget



Widget with button, label and a horizontal spacer.
Widget with button, label, and a horizontal spacer.

Let’s Code

customwidget.cpp and customwidget.h

void setText(const QString &text)

void sendRemoveItem(const QString &text)

void on_toolButton_clicked()

mainwindow.cpp and mainwindow.h

Add Code to Constructor

void removeItem(const QString &text)

Connecting CustomWidget to MainWindow

Run the Application (GIF)

Application demo.
Application demo.




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