Setting Azure AD B2C Authentication in Postman

Setup Azure AD B2C

  1. Web
  2. Single-page application
  3. Mobile and desktop application
  4. iOS/macOS
  5. Android
  6. Mobile and desktop application
  1. In Azure AD B2C directory, select — App registrations - from the left menu
  2. Under Owned applications tab, select your application.
  3. From the left menu, under Manage section, select Authentication
  4. Under — Platform configurations — click on Add a platform. This should open a drawer from right.
Add a new platform
Adding callback URL (callback URL has changed, this is an old image)
Enable grants

Setup Postman

Configure New Token


Screenshot of Postman authentication setup




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Akshay Gollahalli

Akshay Gollahalli

PhD student, currently doing research on Spiking Neural Networks and Brain Computer Interfaces